“Rudraaksha” Massage Gallery is the place for deep relaxation and recharging. Here you may fully enjoy a selection of traditional and Eastern massages and therapies; of healing, purifying, and detoxifying programs; of cosmetic and beautifying procedures.


We treat every single client with attention and individual care. We have a team of highly qualified professionals – therapeutists in Eastern massages, Ayurveda therapies and kinesi therapeutists who have had their specializations in Bulgaria and Asia. Our therapeutists will demonstrate to you their rich experience in the form of practices and methods having a positive impact on the integrity of the human organism – physique, habits, and the mind.


Besides specialized services aiming at achieving health and harmony, “Rudraaksha” is the only place in Bulgaria that offers, organizes and holds Panchkarma programs. Thanks to these programs each person has the chance to achieve a better balance of body, emotions, and soul, as well as to have a personal consultation with Vaidya – an Ayurvedic doctor having experience of many years.


At “Rudraaksha” Massage Gallery we highly appreciate your time and desires. Our experts will listen to you, take into consideration your demands, and will then recommend the most appropriate procedures for you. You will be prepared an unique program in connection with your needs and expectations.


Best regards,

Dimitar Popov, Manager

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