00129Balneo procedures are known for their preventive and medicinal nature. They have an extremely beneficial impact on skin allergies and diseases. They relieve reddened zones by preventing the skin from dehydration and forming flakes. Furthermore, they have a toning and restoration effect. They stimulate the peripheral nervous system, reduce muscle spasms and normalize joint mobility.


Healing Mud for Complete Rejuvenation of Body and Mind from Dead Sea

Dip into a sea of life, energy and youth! Over 20 minerals and microelements contained in Dead Sea mud will rejuvenate your body and will bring joy into your soul. The Team of Rudraaksha” Massage Gallery recommends series of 12-15 therapies (intensively every 2-3 days) twice per year, and throughout the rest of the year – at least once every 30-40 days.


Medicinal impact in case of:

  • Colds: inflammatory processes of the respiratory system – flu, cold, angina, sinusitis; headache;
  • Skin problems and diseases: inflammatory processes (eczemas, rashes, wounds), dermatitis, psoriasis, oily skin and acne; fungal infections of the legs; dandruff, hair loss, etc.;
  • Musculoskeletal diseases: for stabilization and recovery, for joint-muscle pain, rheumatism, osteoporosis, gout, etc.;
  • Abdominal-intestinal and kidney diseases (externally); gynaecological diseases and menstrual disorders; disturbed blood flow; lowered libido; varicose veins; depressions, insomnia, fatigue, stress, weakened immune system.


  • duration: 60 min.
  • price:   88 BGN


  • duration: 50 min.
  • price: BGN   65

  • duration: 20 min.
  • price: BGN   28

  • duration: 25 min.
  • price:   BGN   60

  • duration: 50 min.
  • price: BGN   40

  • duration: 50 min.
  • price: BGN   60



Water Procedures

Steam bath improves the flow of oxygen into the cells and tissues. Improves the blood flow, stimulates the immune system, and helps for detox. Every time one uses the steam bath he/she burns between 400 and 600 calories. Steam bath is very effective in cases of clients suffering from bronchial asthma, bronchitis, coughing, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract and joint pain. After the steam bath the skin becomes clean, smooth, and toned, and the body is well relaxed and ready for massage. It is not recommended in case of open wounds, severe inflammations, tumour formations, pregnancy, cardiovascular diseases, hypertonia, kidney diseases, varicose veins and post-thrombophlebitic conditions, tuberculosis, allergy to therapeutic salts, menstruation and eczemas.


  • price: BGN 15


00143This massage is used effectively for full body therapy or for therapy of specific body zones. The massage is performed underwater with the help of a hose and a special nozzle. The therapeutic effect of this type of massage is due to the combination of the thermal and mechanical action of the water jet. Its suitable temperature and pressure result in the improvement of the muscle tone and in overall relaxation. The water jet pressure results in extra vascularity of the muscle tissues with nervous and metabolic effects. The underwater massage is used for treatment of muscle and joint injuries, upon lack of circulation of the blood of the extremities, for treatment of overweight and cellulite. This type of water treatment has the advantage of general physical restoration in cases of severe muscle wricks.


  • duration: 45 min.
  • price: BGN 56

00144Essential oils for body relaxation or toning. Herbs for improvement of skin strength and elasticity. A herbal complex for skin cleansing and relaxation.


  • duration: 20 min.
  • price: BGN 35

This massage is especially beneficial for treatment of post-trauma conditions and injuries. It is also effective for joint movement, removal of oedemas, contractures, etc. The effect achieved is the maximum general relaxation of the organism. It is performed via water jets in combination of air. The big nozzles are designated for the extremities, and the micro-nozzles – for the most stress prone areas of the spinal column.


  • duration: 20 min.
  • price: BGN 35



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