Reflex Therapy is based on the principle that all body organs, glands and systems are projected on zones or reflex points on the feet and the palms. Through the massage of these points the reflex therapeutist decreases the tension of the entire organism, lowers the stress and tension levels, and positively influences concentration and confidence. It also provides an opportunity for early diagnostication of health disorders.

  • duration: 30 min.           50 min.           80 min.
  • price: BGN 341          BGN 64          BGN 98


Bamboo SPA Massage has a highly expressed biostimulating effect. It combines a lymphatic drainage technique with some elements of the reflexology. This massage is the perfect option for women (and for cellulite zones in particular), as well as for men. It is suitable for sportsmen, because of the stimulating effect of the nerve muscle groups. Bamboo Therapy enriches and prolongs the philosophy of SPA rituals giving exotics, a unique experience and good self-confidence.


  • duration: 80 min.
  • Price:           BGN 119


This massage is performed via a clay tool called “makka”. It improves the lymph irrigation and the circulation of the blood around the joints. It has a relaxation and refreshing effect.


  • duration: 50 min.
  • price:   BGN 690


This therapy stimulates the lymph system, normalizes the blood flow, facilitates the access of oxygen to the cells and takes the toxins out of the organism.  It is not recommended for pregnant women, for clients suffering from chronic and severe infectious diseases, for clients suffering from bronchial asthma, for patients suffering from oncological diseases and non-malignant tumours.


  • duration: 80 min.
  • price: BGN 109


This massage stimulates the energy flow and balances the four elements in the body according to the Thai Medicine – earth, water, wind, and fire.


  • duration: 80 min.           110 min.
  • price: BGN 98          BGN 134

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