To keep your face skin young and fresh as long as possible – this is what every modern woman wants and the basic task of cosmetic companies. Thanks to the development of science and technologies, this is now possible. The highest class procedures offered by us facilitate the regenerative processes of the cells, normalize the processes in the body, balance hormones, and prevent the premature aging process. Wrinkles smoothen, elasticity is restored, uneven skin pigmentation disappears, and the face lightens up. Redness and dryness give way to an even, perfect complexion.

Enjoy full-bodied cosmetics of the highest class with professional French and German cosmetics “ERICSON LABORATOIRE”, “Babor”, “Sothys”, “Academie” and “TOSCANI” Chemical peels!

Take advantage of our suggestions for making individual cosmetic packages that are the right choice in the fight against acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and age changes.

Facial, neck, neckline and body procedures “Fusion mesotherapy”

The desire of each of us is to keep our youth and health, and most of us associate it with healthy skin because it is our image.

Our incentive to achieve a healthy appearance is the new cosmetic procedure at the Holistic Gallery Rudraaksha “Fusion Mesotherapy”.

With “Fusion Mesotherapy”, we offer visually impressive results with a high level of professionalism and customer-friendliness that you can trust.

From respect to your own requirements, let’s take care of the beauty and health of your skin because it deserves it!


Fusion mesotherapy is fractional mesotherapy or so-called micromesotherapy. The main difference between classical mesotherapy and fractional mesotherapy is that with the first one the coctails are deeply injected, leading to bumps beneath the skin visible for a few days and a patient can not be returned to the social routine. In fractional mesotherapy, 9 needles are used, which are very fine and different in length and you can avoid all the drawbacks of classical mesotherapy. The client feels only slight ticking or pinching. There is no “bloody dew” in the procedure, no hematomas. The therapy improves face contour, skin structure and elasticity.

  • Less pain than classic mesotherapy;
  • Easy to use;
  • Minimum side effects and allergies;
  • It can be done at any time of the year;
  • Recognizable effect after first procedure;
  • Suitable for all skin types;
  • Usable for face, neck, neckline and other body parts;
  • Short time for healing.

Fusion mesotherapy is very efficient in fight with fine wrinkles, specially around the eyes and above upper lip.

Extreme/ hyper pigmentation:

  • To reduce aging spots, hyperpigmentation, melasma and to lighten the general skin complexion.

Aging of the skin:

  • To restore the tight appearance and elasticity of the skin;
  • For thickening of the epidermis and improvement of the dermal density and local fat accumulation (double chin);
  • To smooth wrinkles, lines and folds;
  • Reduce of cellulite and remove local fat deposits, “orange skin” becomes less visible;
  • It helps to reduce the incisions of acne scars, reduces old scars, reduces the appearance of old surgical signs and reduces stretch marks.
  • It reduces the size of the pores by increasing the formation of collagen around the pores.

 Eye zone “Fusion mesotherapy”

  • duration: 40 min
  • price:      BGN 112

 Face “Fusion mesotherapy”

  • duration: 60 min
  • price:      BGN 132

Neck and neckline “Fusion mesotherapy”

  • duration: 60 min
  • price:      BGN 166

Face, neck and neckline “Fusion mesotherapy”

  • duration: 60 min
  • price:      BGN 186

Abdominal “Fusion mesotherapy”

  • duration: 40 min
  • price:       BGN 99

Arms “Fusion mesotherapy”

  • duration: 30 min
  • price:       BGN 94

Hips and knees “Fusion mesotherapy”

  • duration: 60 min
  • price:       BGN 124

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Face peelings “TOSCANI”

Alpha hydroxy glycolic acid penetrates deep, prevents premature aging, refreshes and energizes the skin, flattens the complexion, smooths skin with scars and stretch marks. Significantly improves the conditions of chloasma and melasma without the risk of re-pigmentation.

  • duration: 35 min
  • price:      BGN 58

Alpha hydroxy lactic acid is used for hydration and anti-aging. Suitable for sensitive, atopic and dry skin in all photo types. Treats fine wrinkles and photo-damaged skin. The lactic peeling halts the dehydration process by forming a protective barrier, stimulating the synthesis of ceramides and the synthesis ofbnew collagen, elastin and other glyco proteins. Gives shine, refreshes the skin and is successfully applied to all types of pigmentation.


  • duration: 35 min
  • price:       BGN 58

Based on Beta hydroxy acids with low hydrophilic capacity. Ideal for treating closed comedones (white dots), allows preparation for easy extraction without trauma and redness. Unlike other types of peelings, it can be applied directly to acute inflammation, a type of lesion. It is used to treat acne scars, prevent and treat comedones and polluted skin with extended pores.


  • duration: 35 min
  • price:      BGN  58

Combined formula of lactic and pyruvic acids with gentle but effective action. Suitable for relaxed and tired skin, wrinkles and pigmentation. For any skin type, even sensitive. Moisturizes, rejuvenates, stimulates the formation of new collagen, elastin and improves the dermal structure. It restores damages from exposure to sun, wind and salt water.


  • duration: 35 min
  • price:      BGN 58

Combination of acids suitable for every skin type, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

  • duration: 60 min
  • price:      BGN  95


Face Therapies with “ERICSON”

Regeneration therapy. A special black mask of fresh caviar, sea sediments with high content of minerals and microelements tightens up the face and stimulates the absorption of nutritional substances into the skin for the purpose of stimulation of cell metabolism and slowing down of the aging process. The included bio-technological ingredients, Vitamin E and complex of oils feed, moisturize and restore. We recommend 6 procedures once per week.


  • duration: 60 min
  • price:       BGN 165


This is an original and one of a kind powerful cosmetic therapy for shaping the face contours. The morpho-filling mask and serum with hyaluronic acid fill up and smoothen wrinkles. The combination of weight-reduction mask and serum directly attacks the fat accumulations along the cheeks and neck, and remodel the facial contour. The active component called Coraline reduces the formation of fat cells and helps for the synthesis of new collagen. The stimulation of the fibroblasts give an excellent and visible firming and obvious toning effect in the region of the neck and the lower part of the face. We recommend 8 procedures once per week.


  • duration: 80 min
  • price:       BGN 155


Amazing restoration therapy. It is effective for all eye zone problems: dark circles, puffing, wrinkles. This therapy smoothens the fine lines and softens the skin. It delicately eliminates fat accumulations and retained liquids, thanks to strong active ingredients with a lipolytic and drainage effect. The massage techniques applied during the therapy are the perfect addition to the effect of the active ingredients. We recommend 4 procedures once per week.


  • duration: 25 min
  • price:       BGN 40

Phytohormones are vegetable extracts, but based on their structure and functions they resemble human hormones and acts as regulators of the disbalance at a skin level. The therapy with phytohormones preserves the youth and vitality of your skin. It hydrates, relieves, and restores. We recommend 6 procedures once per week.


  • duration: 80 min
  • price:       BGN 145


This therapy is focuses on oily and acneic skin, as it may be also used for normal skin in case of need of deeper cleaning. It has an anti-hormone and anti-bacterial effect. It cleans clogged pores and comedones, regulates fatty secretion, and has an anti-inflammatory effect.


  • duration: 60 min
  • price:       BGN 95


During the aging-related process the genes, which take part in the synthesis of the structural elements of the derm (elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid) fall into lethargy. The skin loses its tightness, and the mimic wrinkles intensify. The therapy uses the energy potential of powerful innovative ingredients in order to reactivate the 14 genes conditioning the quality of the structure of the extracelullar matrix. Thus there is a visible regeneration effect achieved. We recommend 6 procedures once per week.


  • duration: 80 min
  • price:       BGN 160

This complex, revitalizing therapy will help you prevent or delay in time the surgical breast pickup and enlargement. The local congestion of the adipose tissue is achieved through the combination of three mechanisms, namely: multiplication of the fat cells, stimulation of the production of lipids, and improvement of their storage. In addition, there is also the target impact towards improvement of the volume and reduction and elimination of stretchmarks. Other effects include stabilization and reduction of the visibility of the surface capillaries, increase of skin tone and elasticity. We recommend 4 procedures once per week.


  • duration: 60 min
  • price:       BGN 95

DHEA is a hormone produced naturally by the adrenal glands. This is a hormone of Youtube, because its amount decreases after 40 years of age. Through SUPREME DHE therapy, we supply the skin with the hormone diosgenin (a natural source of Wild Yams), which restores the hormonal balance and has an anti-aging effect. When treated with DHE, the skin becomes more elastic, thicker, more durable. 6 procedures are recommended once a week.

  • duration: 80 min
  • price:       BGN 160

SKINJEXION – Highly effective professional cosmetic therapy for wrinkle smoothing.

An antioxidant with an anti-WAX effect to retard wrinkles – slows the aging of the skin tissue has an immunostimulating effect.

SYNAPTIC “VTX” – Wrinkle Smoothing Agent.

High Hyaluronic Acid Hyaluronic Acid – to fill wrinkles.

  • duration: 80 min
  • price:       BGN 160


Face therapies “Babor”


For stressed skin, which needs protection.


  • Activates detoxification process
  • Skin rejuvenation by vitamin deficiency
  • Recovers skin color and improves its elasticity
  • Corrects the symptoms of stress, irritation, inflammation


  • duration: 60 min
  • price:      BGN 95


Especially designed to improve skin elasticity, HSR® lifting uses numerous innovative complexes for sealing, coloring and lifting. The skin becomes firmer, with more elasticity. Allows the face to regain its youthful outlines.

Universal face therapy for all skin types with age-related changes. Recommended for:

  • Expressed wrinkles
  • Prevention of wrinkles and premature aging of the skin
  • Increases elasticity, density and corrects the oval of the face


  • duration: 75 min
  • price:      BGN 145

Procedure for very dry skin prone to pruritus and scaling, as well as for skin with Neurodermitis in remission stages.


Increases the activity of the epidermis ferments, which work is aimed at releasing the cemiramiids, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the lipid balance.

Normalizes the process of leaching dead cells from the skin surface.

  • duration: 60 min
  • price:      BGN 95
  • duration: 30 min
  • price:      BGN 40
Face Therapies with “SOTHYS”

  • duration: 80 min
  • price:       BGN 145

We recommend combination with Eye zone therapy for better and long-lasting effect.

  • duration: 45 min
  • price:       BGN 65

An accelerated dose of oxygen and minerals for intensification of the skin protection. Tone and energy.

  • duration: 50 min
  • price:       BGN 95
  • duration: 60 min
  • price:       BGN 95
  • Duration: 60 min
  • Price:      BGN 65

The therapy aids the contraction of the capillaries and reduces the hypersensitivity of the skin, soothes and refreshes it.

  • Duration: 60 min
  • Price:       BGN 65
Apparatus face procedures

Non-surgical alternative to face firming and lifting of the oval of the face. This procedure is also known as “lunch break lifting”, for it saves the risks of the plastic surgery and does not require any recovery period. The radio-frequency waves regenerate the skin and restore its tone. Initially you will just look rested. Then gradually you will notice firming of the contour of your face and minimization of your double chin.


  • duration: 15 min            20 min
  • price:        BGN 35          BGN 46


It stimulates lymph circulation and improves the absorption of active substances.


  • duration: 10 min            15 min           20 min           25 min           30 min
  • price:        BGN 10          BGN 15         BGN 20         BGN 25         BGN 30


Apparatus body procedures

Millions of people around the world choose this non-invasive method of weight loss and correction of body shapes. The cavitation apparatus destroys fatty deposits in the body by using low-frequency ultrasonic waves (40 KHZ). According to modern research, the procedures are reliable and completely harmless. The treatment itself has been approved by the American Food and Drug Administration.

Legs, belly, arms, back, whole body:


  • duration: 20 min          30 min              40 min          50 min           60 min
  • price:       BGN 46        BGN 69 лв.      BGN 92        BGN 115       BGN 138

Suitable for men and women with all skin types and skin tan that want to achieve visible results without painful surgery and prolonged recovery. Experience shows lasting results in rejuvenating the skin through regeneration and stimulation to form new collagen.

Legs, bellies, hands, whole body:


  • duration: 20 min          30 min         40 min          50 min
  • price:      BGN 46        BGN 69        BGN 92        BGN 115

The procedure is usually used after cavitation to achieve the maximum effect. The body is treated with a handpiece combining vacuum and radio wave. In this way, a lymphatic drainage massage is performed simultaneously, which facilitates the extraction of molten fat cells during cavitation and smoothing of the skin. Excellent equivalent of passive aerobic exercise.

Legs, belly, arms, back, whole body:


  • duration: 15 min          25 min          35 min          45 min
  • price:       BGN 35        BGN 58        BGN 81        BGN 104

Stimulates lymph circulation and increases active substances.


  • duration:    10 min         15 min          20 min          25 min         30 min
  • price:         BGN 10        BGN 15        BGN 20        BGN 25       BGN 30

This innovative method increases lifestyle, balances cell flickering and improves blood circulation. The use of fast, rhythmic vibrations and infrared light causes moderate muscle contractions that stimulate the whole body, promote fat breakdown and smooth the orange skin.


  • Stimulates metabolism and burns calories.
  • Reduces cellulite accumulation.
  • Increases and improves flexibility.
  • Supports lymphatic drainage.
  • Helps to remove toxins.
  • It is recommended for people with osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, as it does not load the joints.


  • duration: 55 min
  • price:      BGN 110
Body therapies

0015Highly effective therapy for women over 40 years of age (before or after menopause) who want to take care of their body. Positive results are seen in visible capillaries, venous disorders, stretch marks, lymphatic stagnation, delayed metabolism, obesity due to hormonal changes.


  • duration: 80 min
  • price:      BGN 160

The therapy of Ericson Laboratoire makes it possible to give an elegant shape to the figure, tightens the skin, restores and prevents the formation of stretch marks and helps to remove visible capillaries. Slim & lift is a total innovation, a complex therapy that affects the fat formation process at its very beginning – prevents the differentiation of preadipocytes in mature adipocytes. By contrast, limiting the synthesis of lipids, activates collagen synthesis, which leads to skin tightening and improvement: reduces excess adipose tissue; drain; restores.

Recommended frequency – twice a week, between 8-10 procedures.

  • duration: 80 min
  • price:      BGN 135

Spa ritual for drainage. Salts: remineralize, drain, purify, eliminate toxins, stimulate intracellular metabolism.

Deep cleanses the skin and the body from accumulated toxins on the principle of osmosis, improves skin quality, smooths cellulite. Geranium salts are used, which are produced on the French Atlantic coast and have been synonymous with “white gold” for centuries. They contain vital macro- and micro-elements, possess healing properties and have a striking effect not only on the skin but also on the whole organism. It cleanses the toxins and accumulated slags, restores the mineral balance, renews the skin by removing the superficial dead cells, making it silky soft, regaining its radiance and smoothness.

The procedure includes:

1. Exfoliating the whole body with a mixture of geranium salts enriched with brown algae extract and tea tree powder and a relaxing complex of essential oils;

2. Application of complexes of essential oils and salts with draining, cooling, energizing and anti-cellulite effect;

3. Heat the body in a thermal blanket that warms up for 30 minutes and causes intense sweating. At the same time, the therapeutic mixtures gradually melt and absorb into the skin. The effect is noticeable, even after just one procedure. The body is lighter, cellulite is smooth and the skin is brand new: smooth and soft.

  • duration: 80 min
  • price:       BGN 115


Anti-cellulite and slimming therapy of a new generation that smoothes cellulite, degrades the accumulated excess subcutaneous fat and prevents subsequent accumulation.

  • duration: 80 min
  • price:      BGN 135

PEDICARE is a complete skin rejuvenation therapy based on recent biology and biochemistry research.

  • duration: 60 min
  • price:      BGN 70

The rich formula of rice derivatives and phytoextracts stimulates metabolism and removes fat deposits. Recommended for those who like to care for themselves. For silky soft skin, slimming and toning. It is applied two to three times a week for a period of 1 month.

  • duration: 80 min
  • price:       BGN 110

The volcanic mud contains all the chemical elements needed by the human organism.

Volcanic mud is a natural product with powerful action, known in ancient times. Nature has preserved this ready-made medicine in the bosom of the earth unnoticed until science finally finds the secret of its success: the chemical composition of volcanic mud is molecularly identical to that of the human body, and its perfection can not be imitated in any laboratory.

Volcanic mud plays the role of transmitting agent (charging the body with missing chemical elements) and the poisonous ​​receiver (powerful detoxifier). It contains sulfur, copper, calcium, cobalt, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, carbonates, bicarbonates, minimal silver and gold, and other minerals and trace elements essential for maintaining the balance in the cell.

Suitable for:

  • treatment of skin problems;
  • seborrhea, eczema, acne;
  • very sensitive skin;
  • allergies – especially recommended for the treatment of overly sensitive and allergic skin.

As a natural and biologically active product, volcanic mud is a powerful antiseptic.


Effects of Body Therapy with Volcanic Mud for Muscle Relaxation

  • Enables healing processes on the skin and relaxes the muscles of the body
  • Removes toxins from the body
  • Enables cellular metabolism
  • Combined with a thermal lotion, it activates the blood circulation
  • Increases the natural defenses of the skin.
  • Protects, strengthens and balances the body and skin.


  • duration: 80 min
  • price:      BGN 118

Deeply skin peeling eliminates marks, varicose pores and spots. Visible improvement will be noticed after the very first procedure. In order to enjoy the full effect you will need from 8 to 10 procedures.

  • duration: 20 min
  • price:       BGN 40

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