Detoxification procedures have a number of advantages – they increase energy and reduce stress, improve the memory and the sleep, intensify immunity, keep the body hygiene and the good physical tone. First of all, however, they eliminate the toxins accumulated in the tissues in order for the organism to be able to function normally and to achieve a good chemical and biological balance and harmony.

00117A state-of-the-art apparatus for water detoxification and for support of the self-purification of the organism. Soak your legs into the water and turn on the apparatus. For a few seconds only millions of ions will enter your body and begin to neutralize those toxins and residual wastes. During this procedure, lasting 30 minutes, fat and mucus particles are released from your body and remain in the water.


  • duration: 30 min
  • price:      BGN 34

The author’s massage was created by Dimitar Popov – manager of Holistic Gallery Rudraaksha. Based on his many years of allopathic experience, as well as his specializations in Asia, Europe and Bulgaria. Determined to incorporate all the knowledge and potential, it combines deep-action massage techniques based on yoga stretches designed to eliminate the root of the ailments in the body.

Deep tissue Rudraaksha massage slows down the aging process, controls weight helps deep sleep, promotes general well-being and health! Special ayurvedic sesame oil stimulates blood circulation and promotes the release of toxins.

The massage gives relief to people of all ages and activities – from babies to the elderly; from sports lovers and professional athletes to home gardener and busy and stressed business man.

The deep tissue massage Rudraaksha is concentrated on:

  • Vital energy (controls metabolism and regulates CNS, energy of life force);
  • Breathing;
  • Stable blood circulation;
  • Putting body parts in their proper position through yoga stretches.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage Rudraaksha:

  • Recovers and balances energy;
  • Balances Vata, Pita and Kafa;
  • Improves mobility and flexibility;
  • Improves breathing;
  • Improves circulation;
  • He straightens the stand;
  • Increases strength and endurance;
  • Relieves stress, anxiety, tension, exhaustion;
  • Slows the aging process;
  • Controls weight;
  • Helps deep sleep;
  • Improves general health and well-being.


  • duration: 50 min     80 min
  • price:      BGN 68    BGN 108

Accumulated toxins in the body form the tissue that covers the tendons and joints thus limiting their movement. Deep detoxification massage, performed by two or three therapists helps remove that tissue. Suitable for any problems musculoskeletal apparatus, plexitis, headache.

  • duration: 50 min
  • price:      BGN 98

This healing innovative method uses the quick, rhythmic vibrations and infrared light. These two cause moderate-intensity muscle contractions and stimulate the whole body. The vital tone is increased and cell vibration is balanced. The circulation of the blood is also improved.


  • Stimulates metabolism and burns calories;
  • Reduces cellulite formation;
  • Improves flexibility;
  • Facilitates lymphatic drainage;
  • Facilitates removal of toxins;
  • It is recommended for people suffering from osteoporosis and osteoarthrosis, for it does not load the joints.


  • duration: 25 min           50 min
  • price:      BGN 57         BGN 92

Massage with a specific paste prepared from Ayurvedic herbal powders and oils, which clean the skin, intensify the blood circulation, encourage weight loss and prevent appearance of stretchmarks. They clean the slag, which may cause or has caused cellulite and liquid detention.

Recommended for: dry skin, lymph standstill, overweight, cellulite, depression conditions.

Advantages: improves the skin condition, reduces cellulite, intensifies metabolism, stimulates the blood flow and digestion, especially effective for weight reduction.


  • duration: 50 min           60 min           70 min           80min
  • price:      BGN 74         BGN 88         BGN 101       BGN 113


Special form of recovery, combination with  oil and thermal processing. In this so-called “royal therapy” the massage is made under the constant flow of warm herbal oil. The results are very good in cases of joint problems and muscle pressure.

Recommended for: muscle pain, rheumatic problems, osteoarthritis, neurological disorders, paralysis, sexual weakness, insomnia, depression.

Advantages: tones and regenerates the skin, intensifies immunity, delays the aging process.


  • duration: 50 min
  • price:      BGN 118

Pouring drop by drop herbal oil into the nose.

Recommended for: inflammation of the sinuses, headache, allergies, chronic sinusitis.

Advantages: improves the vision, the taste, and the sense of smell, intensifies the irrigation of the brain.

  • duration: 20 min
  • price:      BGN 34

Lymphatic drainage establishes balance between the liquids in the organism. That’s why it is extremely beneficial to stress prevention and chronic fatigue, for swollen and tired legs, for removal of oedemas, cellulite, and acne. It is also recommended in case of complaints of swollen eyelids, double chin or wrinkled skin. These specific problems above are not marked in cases of younger people, but become more visible in cases of women close to their menopause and people under stress. This is a recommended therapy as a part of the overall program for detoxification.

  • duration: 50 min
  • price:       BGN 64

Chi Nei Tsang massage serves for the detoxification and releasing of energy blockages and tension of internal organs, and neutralization of stress. Blockages occur in the form of nodules and concretions in the area of ​​abdomen and rib cage. Negative emotions of anger, fear, anxiety, depression cause many damages. Problems can be due to too much work, stress, accidents, surgery, drugs, malnutrition, and poor posture. Chi Nei Tsang clears toxins, bad emotions and too the excess heat accumulated in the body, thus restoring the usual organ functions.

  • duration: 50 min
  • price:      BGN 64

Detoxification massage with honey

  • duration: 50 min           80 min
  • price:      BGN 64         BGN 98


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