The perfect combination of various Eastern methods returns the balance and harmony in the organism. The body pressure is released, and the client feels elated. Asian massages and therapies reinforce the immune system, the cardiovascular system, nervous system, and the respiratory system. They stimulate the metabolism and keep the physical condition, mobility of the joints, the circulation of the blood, and the energy flow.

A holistic massage that influences the physical and mental condition of the body. It is built on the principle of the lever system and the “lazy” yoga. It improves the mobility of the joints, the flexibility of the muscles, healing of tendons, and the blood circulation. This results in stress elimination and balance to the nervous system.


  • duration: 80 min           110 min
  • price:      BGN 98          BGN 134

00146This is a multireflexion point treatment method. It consists of work on the points of the head and face. This therapy is based on the influence that these microcenters have on the whole organism. Its duration is very small (several minutes), but the effect is direct and explicit. It is also ideal when combined with other therapies. This therapy repeatedly intensifies the recovery process. It is performed in parallel to other massages and procedures.

  • duration: 20 min
  • price:      BGN 34

This is a Korean system for affecting various diseases. It controls body energy by using biologically active points according to a system of meridians on the palms and feet. It has an impact on a number of diseases and stabilizes the protective strengths of the organism. It organizes, controls and secures the functioning of all body organs and systems.  Su Jok influences via moxi, needles, magnets, massage, various seeds, and colors.

  • duration: 50 min
  • price:      BGN 64

This is an Eastern treatment method known as “Tszyu” or “Moxa”. It represents burning of certain acupressure points and zones at the skin level. The most frequently used moxas are wormwood (original Chinese moxas) and cold pressed (smokeless of different herbs). The smouldering end of the moxa has infrared radiation, which increases the temperature of the skin in the heated region to about 45˚C. The duration of burning depends on the specific needs of the organism. The feeling is of penetration of heat inside the body or an organ connected with the treated point. It is possible to appear shivering, tingling, heaviness. This is indicative of the restoration of the “Da Tsi” energy. The Moxa Therapy is performed in parallel with other massages and procedures.


  • duration: 30 min           50 min
  • price:       BGN 41         BGN 64

00115This is non-medicinal treatment of pain and stiffening in the back, neck, shoulders, and legs. It is applied also in cases of temperature, fever, coughing, lifting, fatigue, physical and emotional stress, etc. It is an efficient method for elimination of women’s complaints, such as painful or irregular menstruation, insufficient breast milk and syndroms of the menopause. Guasha is a good choice for protection against and treatment of severe infectious diseases, respiratory and digestive disorders, and other severe and chronic diseases. The head massage stimulates the brain activity, relieves headache and nervous pressure. It prevents hair damage caused by standard hair-combs, protects against hair loss, dandruff and itching. A flat slightly concave plate with rounded edges of cow horn or jade is used.

  • duration:      50 min
  • price:              BGN 69

Chi Nei Tsang massage serves for the detoxification and releasing of energy blockages and tension of internal organs, and neutralization of stress. Blockages occur in the form of nodules and concretions in the area of ​​abdomen and rib cage. Negative emotions of anger, fear, anxiety, depression cause many damages. Problems can be due to too much work, stress, accidents, surgery, drugs, malnutrition, and poor posture. Chi Nei Tsang clears toxins, bad emotions and too the excess heat accumulated in the body, thus restoring the usual organ functions.

  • duration: 50 min
  • price:       BGN 64

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