Face skin is a mirror of our general health condition. It has an instantaneous reaction in case of fatigue, stress, season change, contamination. It reminds us to take care of ourselves.“Major”Face Aromatherapy helps the epidermis to adapt, to achieve balance, and to return its shine as naturally as possible. This procedure acts at a cellular level via harmonization of the energy processes and support of the recovery process. Thanks to the most efficient ingredients of the vegetable world, the skin is once again feeded and filled with life.


This therapy is suitable for:

  • Sebum secretion increase;
  • Decreased lipids;
  • Dehydration.


  • duration: 60 min.
  • price: BGN 105

This therapy has an excellent effect after and during your ski vacation, a trip, solarium, or a swimming pool. It ensures comfort to the dry and lipid-poor skin, feeds in depth and protects against the oxidative stress. This is a unique anti-stress and relaxation therapy with a new type of integral cosmetics that keeps the whole-grain rice activity, ensures rich texture, and leaves a feeling of luxury.

  • duration: 50 min.
  • price: BGN 105
  • duration: 20 min.
  • price: BGN 41

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