Extra kilos, lymph standstill, cellulite – these are the results of the modern, sedentary way of life. The side effects of the sedentary way of life, however, may be eliminated, and this may be done quickly and effectively. While relaxing, special massages and therapies stimulate tissue functioning, facilitates the process of detoxication and elimination of excess liquids, and the reduction of the sol-called «orange» cuticle. There is strong impact on the lymph and regulation of the proper lymph flow. The skin tightens up, smoothes and regenerates.

This massage restores the normal circulation of the blood and lymph. It facilitates the removal of excess liquids and toxins. Furthermore, it reduces fat depots via various therapeutic techniques and means (bamboo sticks, rollers, anti-cellulite massage with honey, manual massage).

  • duration: 30 min.           40 min.           50 min.
  • price:      BGN 52          BGN 63          BGN 70


This massage gives extremely good results when restoring after childbirth (stretched skin, loose belly skin, various body deformations). We recommend its everyday application.

  • duration: 80 min.
  • price:   BGN 102


This procedure is the perfect option for “washing out” the cellulite and shoving the toxins out of the body. The application of anti-cellulite and detoxification mud results in the improvement of the metabolism, opening of the pores, and activation of the process of shoving out the toxins. Thus the anti-cellulite mineral oil permeates and “dissolves” the cellulite. With the help of a special manual and hydro anti-cellulite massage, all excess liquids (including cellulite, fats, water, and toxins) are shoved out of the organism.



  • Relaxation and refreshment;
  • Immune system reinforcement;
  • Increase of the cuticle elasticity;
  • Slowing down of the aging process;
  • Contribution to the reduction of and prevention of any further formation of cellulite;
  • Lymph system stimulation and lymph drainage activation;
  • Body smoothening and stretching;
  • Improving the skin texture and tone;
  • Restoration of vitality and giving the skin a healthy shine;
  • Feeding with minerals and invigorating components.
  • duration: 80 min.

price: BGN 109

The therapy of Ericson Laboratoire provides an opportunity for giving the figure an elegant form, for firming the skin, restoring and protecting from stretchmarks formation. It helps for the elimination of unpleasant visible capillaries.

Recommended frequency – twice per week, approximately 8-10 procedures.


  • duration: 80 min.
  • price: BGN 110


A SPA therapy that combines the pleasant experience of having a good massage, warming up with a thermal blanket, effective fat dissolution and weightloss.


  • duration: 80 min.
  • price: BGN 110


  • duration: 50 min.           80 min.
  • price: BGN 64         BGN 98

Massage with a specific paste prepared from Ayurvedic herbal powders and oils. It cleans the skin, intensifies the blood flow, encourages weight loss, and prevents the appearance of stretchmarks. It also eliminates the slag, which may cause or has caused cellulite.

Recommended for: dry skin, lymph standstill, overweight, cellulite, depression conditions.


  • Improves the skin condition;
  • Reduces cellulite;
  • Intensifies metabolism;
  • Stimulates the blood flow and digestion;
  • Especially effective for weight reduction.


  • duration: 50            60 min.           70 min.           80 min.
  • price: BGN 74          BGN 88          BGN 101          BGN 113



Apparatus body procedures

Millions of people worldwide choose this non-invasive method to lose weight and correct their body shape. The Cavitation apparatus destroys fat depots in the organism by using lower frequency ultrasound waves (40 KHZ). According to modern studies, these procedures are reliable and completely harmless. The treatment itself has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Legs, abdomen, arms, back, whole body:


  • duration: 20            30 min.           40 min.           50 min.
  • price: BGN 46          BGN 69          BGN 92          BGN 115


It is suitable for men and women with all types of skin and skin complexion wishing to achieve visible results without any painfull surgical intervention and continuous recovery. The experience has shown permanent results in skin regeneration through regeneration and stimulation for the formation of new collagen.


  • duration: 20            30 min.           40 min.           50 min.
  • price: BGN 46          BGN 69          BGN 92          BGN 115


This procedure is usually used after cavitation for the purpose of achieving maximum effect. The body is treated with a nozzle that combines vacuum and radio-wave. Thus, the simultaneous effect is lymphatic drainage massage, which facilitates the extraction of the fat cells melted during cavitation resulting in skin smoothing. This is an excellent equivalent of the passive aerobic exercises.


  • duration: 15            25 min.           35 min.           45 min.
  • price: BGN 35          BGN 58          BGN 81          BGN 104


It stimulates lymph circulation and improves the absorption of active substances.


  • duration: 10            15 min.           20 min.           25 min.           30 min.
  • price: BGN 10          BGN 15          BGN 20          BGN 25          BGN 30


This innovative method increases the vital tone, balances cell vibration and improves the circulation of the blood. The use of quick, rhythmic vibrations and of infrared light causes moderate muscle contractions, thus stimulating the whole body, encouraging fat dissolution, and smoothing the orange skin.



  • Stimulates metabolism and burns calories;
  • Reduces accumulated cellulite;
  • Improves and improves flexibility;
  • Facilitates lymphatic drainage;
  • Facilitates detox;
  • It is recommended for people suffering from osteoporosis and osteoarthrosis, for it does not burden the joints.


  • duration: 55 min.
  • price: BGN 110



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