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Terms of use and conditions

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General remarks

  • Users can learn about the main features of the services on the presentation page of each massage and therapy;
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Limitation of Liability

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General rules for customers of Holistic Gallery Rudraaksha:


Opening hours:

Monday – Sunday

9:00 – 21:00

*No day off



Prebooking ensures that you will have your procedure at the most convenient time. For this purpose, you should make your reservation in advance at the reception desk at Holistic Gallery Rudraaksha on the following phones:

02/ 84 67 500 / +359 878 631 225

Or by email:;;


Reservation and accuracy:

  • We appreciate the accuracy, and in order for your stay to be pleasant and fulfilling, we welcome you 10 minutes earlier in the Holistic Gallery Rudraaksha.
  • Cancellations are made at least 24 hours before the booked time.
  • In the event of a delay, the duration of the procedure decreases.
  • Your procedure must be completed in time so that the next guest is not offended.
  • Disregard of the time for your procedure, as well as unrestricted reservation by phone or e-mail, will be considered at the customer’s expense due to mutual appreciation of the time.
  • If you have a preference for a male or female therapist it is good to specify it in advance.
  • Communicating with the therapist is important. Without worry, you can discuss with him / her all aspects of your program.

New customers!

  • Due to the specific of different therapies and procedures at Holistic Gallery Rudraaksha, in order to be effective and helpful to your individual needs and expectations, we anticipate time within 30 minutes (before the start of the procedure) for a brief consultation with your therapist and questionnaire. For this purpose, we reserve 30 minutes extra time for our new customers, which is not paid.


  • Each client uses an individual room – a boudoir where you need to leave your personal belongings, and use the bathrobe and disposable supplies.
  • The purpose of your stay is to relax the most of your consciousness. For this reason, we do not recommend that you think about the safety of your personal belongings. Each client’s boudoirs is provided with a personal safe. During the procedure, your privacy is respected.



  • At Holistic Gallery Rudraaksha we do not know the high tone because we respect the privacy and the good attitude with everyone.
  • It is advisable to leave mobile phones in a quiet mode so as not to interfere with your procedure as well as the relax of the rest of our visitors. Talking by phone during a massage is not acceptable!
  • Creating an atmosphere of serenity requires a conversation in a tone consistent with the environment. Do not forget to respect the privacy of others.


  • The prices of all services are in BGN, VAT included. Payment is made at the reception desk of Holistic Gallery Rudraaksha in cash, by POS or by bank. 

Additional rewards:

  • Amount for additional rewards is optional on the client and is not included in the prices of our services and depends entirely on your satisfaction with the professionalism of our therapists. The amount may be given personally to the therapist or left at the reception of Holistic Gallery Rudraaksha.


Additional rooms – Steam bath, Phyto sauna and Tangentor

  • At the Holistic Gallery Rudraaksha we have a personal Steam bath, Phyto sauna, and Tangentor, whose use requires prior preparation and reservation. You will be given detailed instructions on how to use it.

The last reservation of the day for Steam bath is 20:00.

  • The Tangentor can be used on its own, such as a hot aromatherapy bath or underwater therapy with a therapist. Wearing a swimsuit in the bath is optional on the client.



Terms of use of the voucher:

  • The voucher is valid 90 days after the date of purchase. Upon expiration of this period, the voucher is invalid.
  • The appointment can be done by email or by phone.
  • Purchased vouchers are personal and can not be transferred without the explicit consent of Holistic Gallery Rudraaksha.
  • When a voucher service is booked and the client does not appear, the voucher is invalid and can no longer be used.
  • Voucher appointment can be canceled or overwritten up to 2 times, then the voucher becomes invalid.