According to the citizens of Thailand the human body has 10 main channels, along which the vital energy flows. This flow is determined by the relations and synchron between the 4 elements – earth, water, wind, and fire. The impact on the energy channels provokes the biologically active centers and wakes up the “inner doctor”. Upon releasing the blockage zone (excess or shortage of energy) the client is filled with a feeling of lightness and warmth, willingness for sleep. The so-called alpha level is then formed – the vital tone is being recharged, and the accumulated pressure is gone. Thoughts are freed and optimistic. There is a sense of completeness, energy and peace of mind.


  • duration: 80 min            110 min
  • price:        BGN 98          BGN 134

A holistic massage that influences the physical and mental condition of the body. It is built on the principle of the lever system and the “lazy” yoga. It improves the mobility of the joints, the flexibility of the muscles, healing of tendons, and the blood circulation. This results in stress elimination and balance to the nervous system.


  • duration: 80 min           110 min
  • price:       BGN 98          BGN 134

As in the Traditional Thai Therapy, the Thai Reflex Therapy focuses on the feed and palm treatment for the harmonization of the energy flow. This type of therapy is specific for using a special small stick in order to obtain a better and long-lasting effect, and whenever necessary – the respective ointments and balsams as well, as a result of which the microcirculation is stimulated, the body organs function normally, and the client is filled with a sense of lightness and warmth in the feet. Emotionally the client feels elated and filled with hope.  The Thai Reflex Therapy is performed in two styles, namely: Northern (characrterized with treatment of the feet, shanks, and head) and Southern (characrterized with treatment of the feet, shanks, palsm, and head).

Northern Style (Chiang Mai)

  • duration: 50 min             80 min           110 min
  • price:       BGN 6456       BGN 98          BGN 134

Southern Style (Bangkok)

  • duration: 50 min             80 min            110 min
  • price:       BGN 64           BGN 98           BGN 134

00139This massage combines techniques applied with essential oils and with the Thai-specific techniques of stretching, bending, and twisting. It aims at having an impact both on the flexibility of the muscles, tendons and joints, as well as on the improvement of the skin tone and elasticity.

  • duration: 50 min
  • price:       BGN 77

Stimulates the energy flow and balances the four elements in the body according to tai-medicine – earth, water, wind and fire.

  • duration: 80 min           110 min
  • price:      BGN 98          BGN 134

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