Valentina Gerdzhikova: guest-therapist “Feet reflexology, methods of impact”

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Valentina Gerdjikova is a therapist, certified and practicing reflexology (prophylaxis and healing therapies for joint and muscular diseases of the locomotive apparatus), Thai massage, Chi Nei Tsang (detox of internal organs), Tok Sen (vibrational impact on fascia and tendons) and etc.
During group practices such as yoga and chi gun Valentina she notices that she can detect and relieve painful conditions. This directs it to the study and application of eastern methodologies to diagnose and stimulate different levels of regenerative strength of the body to cope with health and emotional problems.
Over the years, Valentina has been improving her skills to establish a relationship with patients, discovering their problems, and subconsciously choosing the most appropriate therapy for them.
Gradually systematizes hers experience in a work methodology that is successfully applied in hers own practice.

On 26. July

Valentina will be guest-therapist

in Holistic Gallery Rudraaksha 

with „Feet reflexotherapy, methods of impact“

Reflexology is an ancient holistic art coming from the East and rediscovered 100 years ago. It shows us that everything in the body is connected and the stimulation in one part affect the activity of another.

Each procedure begins with downloading information about the state of the body through the reflex zones of the feet. The method is diagnosis and knowledge of Valentina, to sense the current state of our body. It is used for prophylaxis and treatment, the aim is to stimulate the body at different levels to increase its immunity so that it can recover by itself. The therapist’s intervention is only to the extent that he applies various techniques and pressures on certain points and areas of the body that have the task of awakening the body. From the Reflexology Procedure, the therapist receives information about the problem areas in the body and detects painful conditions in the body at the time it handles afterwards. A suitable impact method is chosen to activate their own regenerative strength and immunity. The goal is to help self-recovery and alleviate the symptoms of discomfort. This may include working on the abdomen, limb movement. The main work area is the spine where it affects all organs and systems of the human body.

The body with stronger immunity responds more quickly and intensely. Slow and / or weak organism responds more slowly and the results of the procedure come later. Depending on the body constitution and the problem that exists, the Tok-sen method is also included if necessary to make it easier to energize the organs to overcome feelings of overwork and lack of vitality; recovery from stress; heavy physical strain and reduced muscle tone.

This natural therapy has a positive impact on the physical, emotional and mental level and enhances our sense of Health!

Diration: 50 min

Price: BGN 68 

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