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Dear customers,

The practices of Tai Chi and Ci Gun in the Yoga Vibe San Stefano studio will be held with the new conditions for working indoors – a vaccine, a certificate of illness or a test.

Tai Chi and Ci Gun practices with Dimitar Popov:

Tai Chi practices work in support of this: to learn to work internally on ourselves in order to be focused, balanced and to release our thoughts and emotions.


Every Monday from 07:45
Tuesday from 08:45

With host Dimitar Popov in Yoga Vibe San Stefano: a special place that brings a feeling of lightness, luxury and space, conveniently located in the center of Sofia near the Holistic Gallery Rudraaksha.

Address: Sofia, San Stefano str. №22

For reservations: https://www.yogavibe.net/bg/timetable/san-stefano

  •  What is included

Tai Chi practices and exercises

  • Our goal:

Integrality of all methods and techniques we have used so far in addition to Tai Chi practices and exercises, & nbsp; to & nbsp; build on what has been achieved with therapies such as: myofascial release, author’s massages, Biomagnetism therapy and the Emmett technique.

  • What will we achieve:

All aspects of human health will be covered, to achieve a balance between physical, emotional and mental body with a delicate impact on life processes and self-regulation of all organs and systems in the body in a state of imbalance or deficiency.

TAI CHI and CI GUN will teach us how to :

  • Strengthen and heal body and soul;
  • Calm and concentrate the mind;
  • Achieve a beneficial effect on the physique by increasing flexibility, balance, muscle tone and control over the body;
  • Direct the mind in the right direction and release certain inhibitions, blockages, including emotional and psychological.

With Tai Chi and Ci Gun practices, you feel like:

  • The posture improves;
  • The spine hardens;
  • The joints are more flexible;
  • The movements are softer and freer;
  • The gait is light and confident;
  • Tension and stagnation are removed;
  • All systems and organs in the body are in balance;
  • The mind is clear and calm.

For Dimitar Popov

  Dimitar Popov is a therapist with over 17 years of experience in the field of healing and prophylactic methods with a holistic approach. Extensive experience with Eastern and Western methods of work and specializations in Asia, Europe and Bulgaria, allow him to focus on the individual needs of each and to identify where in the body there are dysfunctions or shortages to eliminate them. Dimitar applies a holistic concept of techniques and practices aimed at the natural self-recovery of the body and maintaining balanced emotions and mind: Biomagnetism; Tai Chi; Chi Nei Tsang; Emmett technique; Perceptual osteopathy; Myofascial release; Energy Author’s massages, etc. He works together with specialists in kinesiotherapy, rehabilitation and neurology, and the applied methods are a symbiosis of alternative and traditional techniques, in order to cover all aspects of human health, to achieve a balance between physical, emotional and mental body. In this direction is his pursuit of healthy eating supplemented with physical practices and exercises such as Tai Chi and Ci Gun, to delicately affect life processes and self-regulation of all organs and systems in the body in a state of imbalance or deficiency.

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